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Generalists vs Specialists

In the job market, specialists are valued and highly sought after.

The reliable coder

The skillful 3D animator

The confident salesman

They are your Halaands and your Ronaldos of the world, in football term. They do their job really well. They score.

My argument is that, generalists are often overlooked, but not anymore. In fact, they are on the rise, in both football and the workplace.

There’s a reason why legendary goalkeepers like Buffon and Cech have no place in modern football. Catching the ball well is not enough, nowadays, goalkeepers need to be able to play with their feet, sweep from the halfway line, act as a center back during buildup. 

Now, if you can do all of the above, while being great at shot stopping, claiming crosses and being impenetrable in 1-vs-1 situations - you are an all-timer - naming Allison from Liverpool. Most GKs are not like that, time spent practicing with their feet will take away from time working with traditional goalkeeping skills.

So what happens is, most teams are now placing less importance on traditional goalkeeping attributes, and looking for a more generalist GK. 

And I do believe this shift in football transfer really well to the job market. We all love a versatile defender who can play well across the back four, or a forward who can both score and has excellent link-up play. Likewise, if you are:

A reliable coder - who has a good eye for design

A skillful 3D animator - who can also edit and composite

A result-oriented salesman - who happens to have great public speaking skill and mentoring abilities 

You’re indefinitely better and more useful to your organization. 

Generalists offer more than just a diverse skill set, they often possess traits like humility, teamwork, strong work ethic, and a constant drive for self-improvement.

In essence, while the current landscape may favor specialists, the tide is turning. So, it's wise to broaden our skill sets beyond our expertise – it's this fusion that truly sets us apart and makes us indispensable.

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